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DH Fanfictions

Hey, all! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I know I did. I spent it with my family and I also got some lovely presents. One of them being an e-reader. Now I already put some books on it, and then I got the fabulous idea to get some fanfictions, save them as .psds and upload them to my e-reader. Now I remember reading about a story that I really want to have on my e-reader (multiple stories actually) but I have no idea how to get it.

Around the time of season four of Desperate Housewives I was active on the DesperateFans board, and there was a forum for fanfictions too. I read some great fics there, but seeing as the board crashed multiple times after that, the fic is not on there anymore. So I know it's a long shot but I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of story I'm talking about and knows the story/the author/has it saved on the computer and wants to send it to me.

1. It's a story about Lynette when she had her cancer, and how she went through it, I believe the story was written in the summer between season three and four. That's why it was special because nobody knew about how she was gonna deal with it yet. And then there's a story about Penny having cancer, but i'm not sure if these two storylines are two different stories or are two parts of the same story. I think I remember the authors name being Georgie or Georgia or something.. That's all I remember.

Kind of a weird request, but I remember it being a cute story that I want to read again. ;)

2. I already looked on fanfictions.org and saved a bunch of Lynette/Tynnie stories, but if anybody can push me in the right direction to a Lynnie/Tynnie storie thats good, please let me know! Also if one of you is a writer, let me know! I love reading new DH fics. It's my obsession for the moment, haha.

Thanks in advance on both counts!
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